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Future Darkly: The Aura Doll

Publish Date:28.04.2019
SCENE opens on the outside porch of a calm bistro. Becca (Whitney Wright), an easygoing undergrad, sits discreetly perusing when her companion lands with a couple of espressos. Setting her book aside, they embrace and take a seat to get up to speed, tasting their drinks and little discussing life and their arrangements for the following semester. Becca's telephone all of a sudden hums. It's a warning from a dating site she's bought in to, revealing to her she has another match. Becca looks humiliated, yet her companion urges her to swipe and look at the man's profile. All things considered, she did state she needed to get out increasingly after her separation, isn't that so? Becca gestures. The man is attractive, more seasoned, and has informed her, inquiring as to whether she would be keen on a trio with him and his better half. The prospect of this makes Becca become flushed however her companion urges her to compose back. 'That application is verified, I use it constantly!' she says. 'What's the most terrible that will occur? You have an entertaining story to tell?' Becca nibbles her lip and requests consolation. Would it be advisable for her to should keep in touch with him back? The companion gestures. 'Absolutely,' she says, tasting her espresso as the camera dish down Becca's uncertain face to the profile she is gazing at.


Becca remains in the washroom reflect, in her bra and undies. She is gazing at herself, attempting to psych herself up for her date when her telephone hums once more. The man she met on the application, Robert, has messaged her legitimately. 'We can hardly wait to meet you today!' She nibbles her lip before swinging back to gaze at herself in the mirror. A slight grin crosses her face. She's energized.

Slice to Robert's home. Becca thumps and anxiously rectifies herself, when Robert (Tommy Pistol) opens the entryway. He is quiet and welcoming, shouting how amazingly delightful she is and stretching out his hand to lead her inside. The lounge room has been set up with candles and wine, which he offers, and she acknowledges. They casual chitchat for a couple of minutes, generally about how anxious and energized the two of them are. It's their first time doing this. Becca is enchanted by the easygoing man and even enables herself to draw nearer to him, as the two of them begin to prepare for their hookup together. However, somebody is absent. She coolly asks Robert where his sweetheart is. 'Gracious, she's simply in the following room,' he says unhesitatingly. 'We were putting the completing addresses supper. Might you want to meet her?' Becca gestures and they confront stroll in the other room, where a full supper has been spread out on a pleasantly adorned eating table.

A lady sits solidified toward the finish of the table, her back to Becca. Robert begins to tirade about the flawless dinner they have arranged and how energized his better half, Harper, is about their night together while Becca gazes at the lady's posterior. A chill keeps running down her spine. For what reason isn't the lady moving? She gradually swings to take a gander at the man whose hand is presently brushing her back. 'Robert....?' She starts to state when, apprehensively, the man maneuvers Becca into the room completely to present Harper. A silicone love doll, dressed perfectly in a gathering dress, has been propped up in a seat hanging tight for them. Becca's eyes go wide, and her mouth drops open in stun, as she moves in an opposite direction from the table and the man's grip. 'What's going on with you?' She pants, snatching her sack while he pursues her.

Robert begs her to stop, to hear him out, to hear them out. Indeed, it is a capricious relationship, however his adoration for Harper goes a long ways past only a toy. Since his genuine spouse passed on years prior, she has been his solitary genuine wellspring of solace. The main lady who wouldn't dismiss him. It was her consideration and friendship that helped him gain the certainty to begin dating once more. To attempt the application. It was her reliability that made him feel like an entire individual once more. Wouldn't she be able to satisfy simply attempt to get it? She appeared to be so liberal while they were talking. Harper isn't only a doll, she is a genuine lady, only one made of silicone. On the off chance that she would just remain and attempt it, she may even appreciate the experience. As Robert meanders on, Becca backs up to the entryway, her mind dashing. She can stammer 'Forget about it. I'm not intrigued. Kindly don't get in touch with me once more!' before running off into the night.

That night, as Becca lies in bed, she dreams that Harper is lying next to her. In her fantasy, she starts to stroke and kiss the silicone lady's body as the camera decreases and forward between her dream and her hurling in her bed. At long last, she opens her eyes to get herself alone and breathing vigorously.

The following day, Becca sits next to her bed, occupied. She keeps getting the telephone however there has been no contact from Robert. She gazes at his profile longingly, wishing she could see Harper's face as well.

Later that night, Becca lays on her bed, taking a gander at her PC. She seeks 'silicone lady' and pulls up a site called Looking through it, she finds the Harper model and gazes at it. She can't resist the urge to be turned on by the prospect of being with her. She realizes what she needs to do. She shuts the PC and, snatching her handbag, leaves the condo.

Robert sits in his room, unobtrusively perusing close to Harper, when he hears somebody pummel the front entryway and keep running up his stairs. Anxiously, he gets up to go up against them when Becca shows up in his room entryway. She is fatigued and loaded with adrenaline. 'Becca! How could you get in here?' He asks, befuddled. She strolls up and kisses him strongly on the mouth. 'I let myself in, I trust you wouldn't fret.' She murmurs. It's the first run through a genuine lady has kissed him in years and Robert softens at her touch. She takes a gander at the doll sitting in the bed. 'I need to attempt it,' she murmurs in his ear. Robert begins to tear up, as he takes a gander at the two ladies in his room. He grasps Becca's hand and dismantles back the spread to his bed to welcome her in.

Probably, Becca starts to stroke Harper's face, inquiring as to whether she can kiss Harper. Robert bounces onto the bed and puts his arm around Harper, disclosing to Becca that she's loving. Becca ascends onto the bed and moves towards Harper. She admits to Robert that she's extremely anxious, however he consoles her, disclosing to her that there's not something to be apprehensive about. Becca can treat her like a genuine individual. Becca gently kisses Harper's delicate lips before directing her concentration toward Robert and kissing him. Before long the two draw far from one another and gradually strip the negligee off of Harper's chest. Robert drives Becca in touching Harper's full bosoms as Becca pants. Robert removes Becca's shirt as she sets down by Harper. Slipping off the remainder of Becca's garments, Robert trails kisses down her thighs, softly tonguing her clit before spreading Harper's legs and licking her pussy. Switching back and forth among Harper and Becca, Robert eats them two out eagerly.

Becca may have been reluctant at first, however at this point she's become more acquainted with Harper, can she ever live without the Aura Doll again?
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