Kate Kennedy Has A Crush On Her Best Friend's Father

Publish Date:25.04.2019
Featuring the beguiling Kate Kennedy; Young, blonde and prepared to bone, Kate Kennedy presents to you a blessing from heaven for any single parent out there. She's an adorable, inquisitive youngster whose sexual fever never goes down. Watch her eyes twinkle as her excellent air pocket butt ricochets from the beating of her tight pussy. Hurl Phillips is completing a little video about vehicle fixes when Kate enters his garage on a bike. She's been riding around the area, scarcely dressed, looking completely provocative. She requests her closest companion Haley. Understanding that Haley's away at her mother's for the week, she inquires as to whether she can utilize the washroom and heads inside. Whenever Mr. Phillips goes into the family room and converses with Kate about his separation, dating, and sex. She inquires as to whether he has needs that need satisfying as she snatches on his jeans, proposing she could be the one dealing with his little dejection issue. Kate fixes his belt, running his enormous dick straight down her throat, looking at him dead without flinching as she gives him the best penis massage he's at any point gotten. Toss' ex never would've set out to do all the filthy things Kate is so anxious to do to him. Toss is getting his A-diversion, crawling his way in her belly with enormous, conclusive hip pushes. Her charming, round tits ricochet as she bounces all over, at the same time scouring her adorable shaved pussy. Her daddy furor goes to a peak as Mr. Phillips dumps his thick cum in her pussy, giving her an additional velvety creampie.
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