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Sexy roommates face sitting fun - Lesbea

Publish Date:17.04.2019
New flat mates Lilu Moon and Paulina Soul have been flirting with one another as far back as they moved in together, yet both have been to timid to make the main move. That all finishes when the women are in their cots and Lilu chooses she's held up sufficiently long. Slithering down to the base bunk, Lilu puts a hand over Paulina's mouth at that point kisses her, discharging the repressed strain that hung between them thick as molasses. Lilu takes Paulina's bra off and afterward sucks her enormous tits, at that point Paulina dominates and eats her new sweetheart out. Subsequent to tasting the arousing Paulina's rear end and pussy squeezes, every woman alternates sitting on the other's face until they cum!
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