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Surprise Sex Triangle

Publish Date:25.04.2019
Perusing a book in her room, Katrina Moreno gets captivated by the hints of enthusiastic sex from some place in the Fake Hostel. Going to the way to examine, Katrina is stunned to discover the Landlord's Wife has transported into the room behind her! Utilizing her charms, the Wife persuades Katrina to take out her immense tits and drop her shorts. Showing up behind the women, the Landlord at that point sticks his rooster between Katrina's thighs so his Wife can suck his dick and eat her pussy in the meantime! A sweat-soaked trio pursues, and finishes in The Landlord cuming on his Wife's rear end, at that point viewing the jizz dribble into the Latina visitor's mouth.
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