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Sweet teen angels make lesbian love - Lesbea

Publish Date:14.04.2019
Sweet high schooler heavenly attendants Naomi Bennet and Sarah Smith sit in bed together as Sarah plays with her brunette lesbian darling's hair. Feeling a shivering in her grasp as she contacts the sweet adolescent's locks, Sarah gets the brilliant plan to move her hands down to Naomi's little boobs and begins kneading them. Pivoting to confront her sweetheart, Naomi pulls down Sarah's poo and licks her areolas, at that point twists around doggystyle so she can play with her pussy. In the wake of making her darling cum, Naomi lies back and maneuvers Sarah's head into her shaved pussy. Sarah fingers, sucks, and licks Naomi's pink muff, and after that lies back so Naomi can sit all over!
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