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The Secretary - Jill Kassidy

Publish Date:25.04.2019
We open with the secretary (Jill Kassidy) laying on the floor with her rear end up, looking attractive in her white pullover, pencil skirt, and high heels. Her fingers float along the keys of the as she types 'YES BOSS' again and again. Out of sight, her manager (Derrick Pierce) watches from his work area, eagerly appreciating the view.

When the secretary is done, she brings her supervisor the sheet of paper, anxious for his recognition. The manager smoothly uncaps his pen and amends her work. He's disappointed, giving her back the paper and advising her, 'Once more.'

The secretary smiles to herself as she hustles off.

Slice TO the secretary coming back with another sheet of paper, with the manually written words 'PLEASE BOSS' scribbled over. At the point when the telephone rings, the manager arranges her to answer it while laying over his work area. As she dutifully does as such, he redresses her work by holding the paper against her butt. After she hangs up, he gives her the adjusted paper, requesting, 'Once more.'

The secretary's practically wired at his stern tone, gnawing her base lip as she grasps the paper away from plain view.

Slice TO the secretary thumping on the manager's entryway. When she's permitted in, she overlap the sheet of paper and holds it in her mouth while getting down on every one of the fours. She gradually creeps to her supervisor's work area, acting accommodating as he stands tall before her. When he takes the paper from her mouth, we see the words 'Screw ME BOSS, PLEASE!!' written in vast, urgent letters.

At last happy with her work, the secretary's most stunning dream is going to materialized as her manager arranges her to twist around his work area.

'Do I make a special effort to help other people?

Am I genuine in what I state and do?

Have I a decent memory for names and faces?

Would i be able to put individuals at their straightforwardness?

Would i be able to deal with all my supervisor's needs?

At that point, at some point, I will be a decent secretary.'
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